⋮ the vertical ellipsis or 3-dot, how to enter it in posts ⋮

⋮, the vertical ellipsis can be presented in Community posts by using the HTML Entities in the message editor which accepts BBCode, HTML and MarkDown:

HTML Entity (decimal)	⋮
HTML Entity (hex)	⋮

The above, copied from Unicode Character ‘VERTICAL ELLIPSIS’ (U+22EE) and pasted outside of the code tags translates to:

HTML Entity (decimal)
HTML Entity (hex)

Note that the post title does not support HTML but does support Unicode. You can copy the character from the message preview or from some other source and paste it into the title. You can also paste the character into the message editor. I’ve now realised that that is the more convenient method and makes for a far cleaner looking text in the editor - same result in the preview and post. That was the technique needed to use the vertical ellipsis or tricolon character in RootsMagic Users Facebook group posts so I will copy my explanation there to here:

How to put the vertical ellipsis (⋮) or tricolon (⁝) symbol which RM8 uses extensively for pop-out menus into a post:

  • Open the Windows Character Map and select
  • Font: Segoe UI Symbol
  • Character Set: Unicode
  • Group by: All
  • Search for: ellipsis
    Search for: tricolon
  • Click on the symbol to pop out the preview > Select > Copy
  • Then paste into your post.

The results are:

ellipsis: ⋮ ⋮ ⋮ ⋮

tricolon: ⁝ ⁝ ⁝ ⁝

I tried to find an Alt+code that would work but was unsuccessful; Alt+0133 is for the horizontal ellipsis: … … …

You can also use the character map in RootsMagic to find and insert an ellipsis or tricolon into a Note, copy it from there and paste into the post. However, the RM Character Map lacks the Search capability that the Windows CM has but does have “recent” selections, depending on how it is invoked. Actually, it seems that RM8 has two different Character Maps. The one called via the ⁝ menu above the Note area offers the font selection as described above whereas using Ctrl+T calls up a different looking one that offers a selection of subsets of the Unicode character table, not sorted by name. The “Mathematical Operators” subset has the vertical ellipsis but I’ve not found a subset having the tricolon. It is the Ctrl+T Character Map that has the Recent feature.