Inserting non english letters of diacritical marks when entering person or place names

I have searched everywhere I can think of and can find no way to easily deal with non english person or place names, such as is available in Work or LibreOffice.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You could start here:

I copy and paste it from the original or type it in the notes then copy and paste that… I have no issue using the Alt+(numbers) such as £ which is Alt0163. I can just type the Alt+etc. in notes and copy/paste from there. You can easily get a list via Google, I have my common use ones blutacked on my desk. I hope that helps.

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To add to what Fran said, if you’re using a PC with Windows, Charmap (=character map) is in the background. Use the Search tool to find it and add it as a shortcut to the desktop or taskbar. It offers all of the character sets for all of the fonts available, so you can select a letter, copy it and paste it. If there is an Alt shortcut then that is offered as well. I’m getting to know the codes for things like ½, þ and ü.
One built-in function on the keyboard is the Alt Gr key that adds an acute accent to vowels, eg [Alt Gr]+a gives á and [Alt]+E gives É.