Adding International characters via keyboard (ALT+134 etc)

RM7 allows this but RM8 does not. I am mainly Swedish and need ÅåÄäÖö to the point that I bought a gaming keyboard and programmed this characters into the G keys. It’s been working great for me until now.

Character maps and copy/paste cannot be automated. The only other option - which I haven’t tested yet - is to switch to a Swedish keyboard layout but that messes with the position of other keys and is difficult to make the transition.

I don’t know what is involved in allowing these characters to be added from the keyboard, but PLEASE do it. This is a real problem for me. Your handling of these characters in lists/indexes even in RM7 left much to be desired.


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I have the same problem. I’m Hispanic, and virtually every given name requires the use of á and é (thanks to the omnipresent José and María). Anyone with French, Spanish, German, and/or Scandinavian ancestry NEEDS this capability!!


FIXED - in version

wooo hooo

Thank you

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