Diacritical Marks

I’m running RM9 on a Mac Ventura version and need to use diacritical marks. In other apps, I just need to hold down the appropriate key and it brings up a box with all the different diacritical marks to pick and choose. That doesn’t work in RM9. I found the character map, but it doesn’t show me the diacritical marks, as it does in other apps. I have a lot of German and Polish names and words. How am I supposed to use them?

See the RootsMagic Wiki and scroll down for Mac info:
International Characters

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Thank you. In other venues, I just have to click the letter, the box will come up to pick and choose, and then I have always just clicked the letter and it gets inserted. I never knew what the numbers were for. I just found out. Thanks again.

Yeah, so the Polish diacritics aren’t included in the list on that page in the Wiki…

Do either of these methods work with RM9 (I’m not a Mac user) ?
Enter characters with accent marks on Mac - Apple Support

Thanks for trying kbens. I found the solution in your first illiustration with the accents and numbers underneath. If I hit the letter AND the number it works. I’ve never had to use the number in other venues, as they are grey, and I didn’t think they worked. I need to use them on RM. I finally found out what they are used for. Even though they are grey, they worked. Ordinarily, I just have to hold the key down, and the little box appears and then I just have to hit the correct accent. So I was baffled when it wouldn’t work on RM. I don’t have the keyboard as you described in the second illustration.