Tasks - What am I doing wrong?

New here, very excited about setting up tasks, but just can’t seem to get them setup right.
I have watched the RM8 video.

For example I’d like to setup tasks to obtain Birth Certificates. What I would like to do is create a generic ‘Need Birth Certificate’ task. Then edit individual profile’s with specifics about their certificate #'s repository etc. So that when I am ready to visit that repository, I can print out a report of all persons with that repository with all of the cert #'s etc.
When I tried to do this with a test, and edit the repository/file #'s it cascades to all people with the same task. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I have to create a folder for each Repository?
Hope this makes sense.

I would create a Task Folder for the project. One task can link everyone that needs a birth certificate. Then as you find/work on the individual birth certificates make a new task and include all the information that pertains to them. Afterwards unlink that person from the main birth certificate task since you are already working on them.

Thank you. Wouldnt just setting up a new Birth Certificate Task for each person with all of the specific details be the same thing? Then when ready to research, pull a report on the Birth Certificate Task by repository?

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Yes, that would also work.

So, basically you need to create a seperate task for each individual for the same “what ever needs to be done”. Example; 6 people need to have their Birth Certificate obtained. 6 tasks need to be created, one for each person so the Details, Results, Repositories etc. can be different for each individual? Other wise you are going to wind up doing what 05sclutz14 originally posted.