How to use tasks assigned to multiple persons

How do you use tasks when it applies to multiple individuals?

It seems that despite the same task could be assigned to multiple persons, the results are global (I mean, they are not related to the person but the task).

For example, Suppose I create a task aiming to identify the “Immigration vessel name” using a specific source and repository that applies to multiple people; when I look for the information, I may find it for some, but not all of them, or I will have comments for one person that are different than the comments for another one.

All comments/results/Statuses go to the task, not to the task related to the individual unless I create the same task for each person instead of assigning the same task to multiple people.

What is the benefit of having a single task? How do you use it?

Thanks in advance

PS: I watched the related webinar Organize Your Research with Tasks in RootsMagic 8 - YouTube

I would use the Task as a reference on all the people you are searching for inside that source. Then create a Research Log to hold all that you find. As you find a person or family add a new task to record the results for them. Then add it to the Research Log. Remove them from the general task so only the people remaining to be found are linked to it.

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