System Generated Record Numbers

Does anyone no how to display the RM8 application generated numbers for an individual (individual ID) and a couple (marriage ID)? I am using a database that requires these numbers to be attached to an individual and couple in the database to uniquely identify the person/couple.

Settings > General Settings > Number to display > Click in the associaated box > Select RIN from drop-down

Thanks Ron, I see that displays the number for each individual. Somewhere in the database I assume there must be a unique record number for a couple but I can’t see anywhere where I can see that record number.

Publish>All Reports & Charts>Marriage List>
One of the options is Print marriage rec #

There is also an option, at least in RM7, to display the MRIN in the title of a Family Group Sheet. I cannot find that option in RM8.

Thanks @kbens0n .
I’d just picked up on that and came back here to pass on the same info which could help for both marriages and, with a similar process, individuals.