Strange error message when you open 3 people in the pedigree page

Strange error message when you open 3 people in the pedigree page, and you minimise each popup window.

Its best to check video below than to try and describe it. But I have done this ‘by error’ and sent the inbuilt message report. Not had any response back yet.

Strangely you cannot close any already open minimised popups, and you cannot see them any more.

No need to click on the fourth person (which brings up the “only 3” can be open) message. Just after minimizing the first three, I can restore each window back open, BUT closing out of the program with X in upper corner DOES produce error to be sent (whether I restored one to reopen or not) AND two individual’s windows always seem to disappear.

Don’t expect a response back, you will not get one. That is just the way RM Inc does things

As for the unexpected error, I can’t speak to that as I also receive it when doing the steps you detail, however you can indeed close the popped up windows. They are at the bottom of the main screen, they also show as minimized windows in the lower left corner…see graphic.

Edit: Ooops, I did note as @kbens0n pointed out, that two people do disappear…

Well done I did not even notice them there.

Error reports are not connected to your registration keys or email addresses so we don’t have a way to contact customers back. It’s always best to open a support ticket with the exact steps to recreate an issue.

I have recreated the issue and reported it. I would suggest not minimizing the Edit Person screens. As you click outside of each Edit Person screen it will fall behind the program. You call it forward using the buttons on the Status bar at the bottom.

on a mac simply swipe up to see all open windows grouped with their open applications, or down to see all open windows for the current application (ie RM8). Jumping around open windows and programs is so easily done in so many ways on a mac.