Adding Multiple Witnesses to a Fact

Is there a fix coming so that an error message does not generate every time multiple people are added to sharing a fact at one time

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E Easley

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As this doesn’t seem to be a wide spread problem, my guess is no, there is no fix coming at this time. I assume you have reported the issue to Rootsmagic, yes? Have you tried any trouble shooting? For example, create a new file and add a handful of people and see if the error still happens. Have you watched your file to see if it is specific people where the error happens, or is it everyone? If you are contacting support, then you will also want to include information such as the RM version number, and which operating system.

I have reported the issue to RootsMagic several times a day. I have tried adding a new file, no difference, It does it randomly to different people. I am currently using RootsMagic 8 (completely updated on a Windows platform. It is just very annoying, especially several times each day.

By reporting this issue do you mean only sending in the error reports? If so, then we need an actual ticket that gives the steps on how to recreate this issue too. I don’t ever recall seeing such a report or knowing it’s something to look for. We need to know the steps on what makes it happen. Are you on a PC or Mac, is it a particular fact type it happens more frequently with. Are you using the slide-in-workflow, exactly how its being accessed, etc. These things are needed so we can recreate the issue first, then we can work on resolving. Yes, send in error reports but let us know what causes it to happen. Email to give us this additional information.