Sort Images by Date in Edit Person Media slide-in Window

I like my images for a person in chronological order in the Edit Person Media slide-in Window. In RM 7 I was able to do this easily as it had a "order or re-order button (can’t rmrber what it was called). When entering a new person I can enter their images in chronological order. But as time goes on and new material comes to light for that person I have to remove all the attached images for that person, then re-enter those and the new ones in chronological order. RM 8 seems to be getting slower and slower for me as time goes on. For example, there are times that the “Add Media” window takes forever to appear. It is not as perky as RM7 was. This sorting can be a big job time wise for a person with a large number of images.

Is there an easy and fast way to re-order the media…or is it time to move on to another app. There a few new things that I like in RM 8 but too many RM 7 tasks that were simpler to do that are now gone.

I believe that media reordering is something on the ‘to be added later’ list along with the Publisher and other missing bits and bobs.

Thanks kfunk for responding, I hope your are right. I submitted a request to RootsMagic back in December 2021 concerning this and never got a response.

I think it’s probably more accurate to say that this feature is not in RM8 at the present time. There is no particular commitment that I’m aware of that it will or will not be added in the future or that it’s on a “to be added later” list.

I am quite comfortable with the accuracy of my original statement. This is an issue that followed us here from the old RM group. There are also references to the Media Album being added back like it was in RM, which is where the reordering bits were…so I am good.

I opened RM8 and a person edit screen to correctly describe how easy it is to just select any new media item and drag it to a new position. Only to realize than it takes 2 clicks to get to a partial list of media and you cannot drag items around. I did manage to generate an access violation error (special mac feature).

My confusion was that in FTM 2019 you do see all your media at once for that person and can easily drag new items into another position (ie census pdfs together in year order, etc.). However FTM does lack the mac AV feature.

You apparently missed the memo that the reordering, that existed in RM7, doesn’t exist in RM8. I am sure it will be here in the update that I do t expect to see until at least September 20.