RootsMagic 8 sorting a person's images

In RM7 one could easily sort images chronologically for a person. How can this be done in RootsMagic 8? I can get to a list of images for a person and an edit screen for each one in 8. But a single screen of all images with a sorting tool access is totally elusive.

I am hoping someone can help. Goggling has got me nowhere

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Hi @AlwaysHopeful - it’s my understanding that this feature, available in RM7, has not made it to RM8. I’m really hoping that it is re-instigated!!

Have you tried the “switch sort order” icon (two opposed triangles) at top right of the thumbnails panel when on the MEDIA page to sort all or with a person-search filter applied?
I’m not sure precisely what it does but it may help.

When in the image editing window it allows you to put in a caption for the image. Also in the window is a default setting for that image to be in that person’s scrapbook. WHAT scrapbook?

It the WIKI manual for RM 8 I found this image showing the scrapbook. See attached. It says to click the media button on the edit screen for a person. I can’t see any media button.

Has anyone figured this out?

I can only assume that by “media button” they mean any one of the little picture frame icons for media (Screenshot 1). That will open a window like the one in the Wiki Help but of course it will only show the media for that particular event in the panel at top left - I suppose if you also put a copy of each media item in the media slot on the Person line (the one in screenshot 2) then the panel at top left becomes a scrapbook as it would show all media attached to the person. I haven’t done this in the past and it would be a major exercise to do it now.


Hello Terry,

After I am int a person’s edit screen, no matter what media button and icon I hit, on the right side I am either looking a a list of my images for that person or an edit screen of one of those images. The left side remains with the text information for that person. That side never changes.

I can’t get to the scrapbook page.

Goggling “scrapbook” for RootsMagic 8 gets me nothing. I don’t understand why this is such a well kept secret. I emailed support but have had nothing back.

“Scrapbook” is the name of a report. Go to Publish > All Reports and Charts > Scrapbook.

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On the Help Wiki, search “scrapbook” and on the results page, click on “Everything”.

OK so scrapbook is not the term for the window I am after.

What I am after is the window that I have attached in a message four up from this one. Next to the image edit window on the right I am after the one to the left of that labeled Media: Leroy Leander Harris-1. This attached image is titled Media Slide-In from the RM8 Wiki manual.

The media button in the right edit screen is the icon beside the word “media”. However it is not very useful and seems to trigger the dreaded access violation bug that you cannot report.

I figured it out!

In the Program Settings enable Slide in workflow. Checking this box will enable the “slide-in” workflow for sources, media, tasks, addresses, and shared events on the Edit Person screen. Close RM8 then restart the app.

In the person edit page, left-hand panel, click on the image icon. The edit page will pop up as well as the panel showing all image thumbnails for that person (the media slide in panel). This media slide in panel allows you to add or delete images. There is no way to put the images in chronological order in this panel.

Mary in the very first post was right stating the image sorting feature in RM 7 is NOT part of RM8. Very disappointing!

Thank you to all that responded to my query.


You mean @JillV, Jill not Mary, had the answer you were looking for but we all learned something along the way… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopeful, that is because in 7, the images stayed with the person while in 8 they stay with the citation.

Thank you for this information! Last week I posted a question here kind of related. Does anybody know why the “media album” for each person in RM7 contained ALL the images (census records, wills, deeds, etc.) for that person but RM8 only includes photographs?

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