Sorting Media items

When I select Media while on the home screen RM9 displays ALL the media I have attached. I can then press the Up/Down arrows button near the top center of the screen labeled Switch Sort Order and sort the items by caption. However, when I am instead looking at an individual profile and select Media it will display the items for that one person but the Up/Down arrows button doesn’t allow me to sort them. I end up with a jumbled listing instead. Am I overlooking something?

You can rearrange the media items tagged to a Person and/or the sort order of media tagged to a event (fact) for that person. There are a few extra keystrokes to do this. See attached:

  1. Select the ‘Media tab’ of the Edit Person window,
  2. Select the drop down menu and change the category from “All media” to the desired fact type or select “General media” to sort media tagged to the person. (A leading asterisk in the drop down list indicates the item has media tagged to it.)
  3. Click on the “Up/Down arrows” icon to open the ‘Rearrange media’ popup window.
  4. Use the controls to change the sort order

As I recall, this will impact the Scrapbook Report.