Media Sorting Order

I noticed the Media files are listed in alpha order by caption. My captions are first name-last name. When I save a media file I use the format of last name-first name for the file name. This makes it easier to located the file on my company. Please tell me there is a way to have the Media feature re-sort my pictures using the file name.

I believe that media is only shown in caption order. I have always used last name-first name for both file names and captions so don’t have the problem but understand why you would wish to have the option.

In media List - if you press the “switch sort order” icon (the up/down arrows below the 3 dots) this should sort by Filename rather than Caption. I don’t use captions personally but as an example, the attached screenshot shows media sorted by file names and you can see the captions for the first two don’t affect the filename sort.

Great suggestion, thanks!

Terry, thanks for your post.
MKGT, yep, that worked. Thanks for your post and helpful reply.

I do the same thing as tmduffy52. I want my scrapbook to show John Doe, not Doe, John.

Well at least that’s a lot better that the ‘Grandpa’, ‘Uncle Joe’ and ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ type captions I often see on Ancestry trees! :slightly_smiling_face: