SOLVED in RM8 hangs in Sources when window is less than ~2/3 full height

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I now realize that I should have forked the discussion when I ran into this issue of RM8 freezing when I selected a citation in the Sources window. I’ve since discovered a Facebook user reporting the same problem. It should be easy to replicate but may be dependent on OS (could be Windows only) and maybe on graphics adapter and display settings.

  1. Resize your main view to something less than 3/4 or 2/3 full screen height.
  2. Select the Sources view and set to Source List.
  3. Select any source and click on the “>” beside the Citation count. You may have to repeat this to trigger the fault.
  4. Once the window is hung with the error message and, if you have two monitors, having cleared the error message click on any other view in the side bar. It won’t respond but then drag the window to the other monitor and see if it refreshes the window to that selection. If you did not make a different View selection, repeatedly dragging it back and forth between the monitors and clearing the error message each time may eventually refresh the window. I counted 8 drags a couple of times.
    If you don’t have two monitors, the hung program can be closed once the error message is cleared.

I was able to recreate this issue on macos 11.6.1. Received an “Argument out of range” error on the 4th citation count click. Problem is re-creatable; occurred again on 2nd citation click after program restart. Error reports sent.

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This issue appears to have been resolved for Windows, at least, with the Update.