Out Of Memory error- creating Large Fan Chart

Program looked up while running large Fan Chart (computer does have 16gb)

Program got Out Of Memory error. Close program and rebooted . Can access other menus, People and families views etc. but these panes do not load. I rather not Ctrl-Shift-U if I do not have to
and yes I have internet connect.

[EDIT] - the dashboard issue was fixed overnight and related the issue mentioned below with the servers (coincidence in timing)

Are you running on a PC or a Mac?

RM8 for PC is a 32 bit app. RM8 for a Mac is a 64 bit app.

I should have included if pc/mac, Yes PC. I guess that might be why, I was not that concerned about the primary error, only that it appears to have caused the secondary issue with dashboard. But how do I fix the “dashboard”?

There was an issue with the RM servers late yesterday which caused RM8 to open slowly and the Home page not to load. It was resolved later that night.

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When will RM8 be 64bit for PC?

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That is not known. The last stance on the subject, by one of the RM developers, was that a 64-bit version was not needed at this time because RM did not have that big of a “footprint”.

Why on earth hold back? You can compile both bit editions from same code. And it opens up extra resources.

Good question! You should contact Rootsmagic and ask Bruce and Michael. Let us know what they say!

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Thanks Renee
That would explain it --issues unrelated

Then what happens to my local RM8 if the RM servers are completely down? Or what happens to my local RM8 if my internet connection is down?

I do understand that RM8 is contacting home base to see if there are any new messages to display, and that’s a good thing. But what happens when home base cannot be contacted?

Maybe the developers have already tried 64-bit on Windows and were dismayed by what they got. With the 32-bit release squandering RAM and CPU as badly as it does, what could the effects possibly be from expanding on both?

RM7 worked well enough on a 4GB Win 8 tablet (even better when upgraded to Win 10). It’s long gone now but I can imagine that RM8 would have been a non-starter.

The point is that 64bit is newer (and years old now). I support both 32 bit and 64 bit with my software. I don’t need to decide if the user needs it or not. I give them both. They choose which they want to run. Up to them. :blush:

The primary reason for offering only a 32-bit version is a support consideration. When offering a 32-bit and 64-bit version download you consider how many users will send in a support ticket to find out which one they need vs will one version work for all.

Unless they are using a 20 year old computer, then they can well use the 64-bit…so that isn’t really an excuse when you can build both products. If people are still using a 32-bit only machine, then it is time to upgrade or give up computers…in the mean time the rest of us have to put up with the slow kids!

After taking a quick tour of the other major programs, apparently Rootsmagic is the only one without a 64-bit version.

But if it is a support consideration to support only one Windows version, why not support only a 64-bit version on Windows? There would seem to be huge advantages to supporting a 64-bit version instead of a 32-bit version as the one and only version.

I suspect the reason for supporting 32-bit instead of 64-bit on Windows is the thing Tom mentioned about wanting RM8 to be able to run on a 4GB Win 8 tablet. But a user on a 16GB Windows machine shouldn’t be running out of memory when creating a large Fan Chart. Such a machine is fully 64-bit capable. I obviously don’t know for sure that RM8’s 32-bit mode is the cause of the Fan Chart running out of memory, but RM8’s 32-bit mode is certainly a concern.

Similarly, I have heard from users (not from RM support) that the reason RM8’s report viewer doesn’t support smooth scroll is that smooth scroll requires more memory than can be addressed by a 32-bit app. I don’t know for sure if that is correct, but the lack of smooth scroll is a major problem for me in RM8. If the cause of the lack of smooth scroll actually is 32-bit mode, then that’s a real shame.

I wonder if the best support consideration might not be to make a 64-bit Windows version the default, and then to make a special version available just for small Windows machines. The special version wouldn’t be described as 32-bit. It would instead be described as being for “small Windows machines such as 4GB tablets”.

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I can’t imagine too many people limping along on 4 gig tablets anymore. Not when my phone has considerably more than that.

As for the smoothing scrolling issues, that all got smacked around during the community preview which is when Michael Booth made the infamous statement that we didn’t need a 64-bit version because of RM8’s small footprint. It also resulted in a couple of old users throwing up their hands and walking away from RM, which is really sad.

Personally, I am cheesed off because RM is not supporting my efforts to run their program on my Windows 3.1 machine.

Same as if your internet goes down one would suppose. You can turn it off and see.

You should seriously consider upgrading to Windows 3.11.

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That poster said they "Can access other menus, People and families views etc. " just not News, Updates & Support.

I have an original set of Windows 3.11 for Workgroups on 3½ inch disks, and DOS as well from the same era :slight_smile: