RM8 Hung, caused by a popped under modal window

I’m sure that many or most of you have encountered RM8 being hung up by a popped under modal window. It happened to me just now. I can usually get out of it without killing RM8 by using Alt-Tab which is a Windows technique to change to a different app. So when I change to the RM8 app which is the one I’m already on, the popped under modal window seems to pop back on top and all is well.

I made a video just now of 2:40 of frustration in dealing with this problem. In a way, it’s not a big deal at all. But I bet a lot of users would have to kill RM8 or else reboot to get out of it. I don’t really know what the solution is. I just know I wish this situation wouldn’t happen.

Also, part of the frustration is that I had two RM8 databases open at the same time. In that situation, if both databases are full screen then there is no visual indication whatsoever that there are two databases open. I just have to click F5 to see if anything happens are not. That’s also frustrating. It feels like I spend too much time clicking F5 just to find out of there is a second database open when something on the screen should tell me.

While I was making the video, I stated that I didn’t know what caused the problem. But after I got the popped under modal window popped back up, I realized that the situation was something like the following. I was about to make a source and I first wanted to look at the source template I was planning to use. From Sources I went into THREE DOTS => Source Template List which brought up the modal window. After looking at the template and before existing the modal window, I switched briefly to a window outside of RM. When I returned to RM, it was hung up with the pop-under modal window. At least I think that’s what happened.

Here’s the link to the video: RM8 locked up by popped under modal window

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Hi Jerry, I’ve had a similar issue and it was quickly solved by clicking on RM icon a the bottom of the screen in the Task bar. This is a problem that is not unique to RM and always seems to be a concern with modal windows. Cheers.