Sharing a Fact – Access to Alternate Names

In RM7, when sharing a fact with another person (within the database), the person list would include alternate names.

However, when performing the same function in RM8 it appears that only the primary names are being shown. This seems to be the case regardless of whether I use the “Shared” option in the Fact Edit Panel, or click the “Shared” column in the Fact List.

I have the option of “show alternate names” in the People Index activated – does anyone know if there is another area that needs to be invoked to have access to alternate names when sharing a fact?

Interesting question — I am not sure but I believe it only displays Primary name because its linked to record #. I think it might cause problems if it was linked to alternate names. That is a different table (Name table). When you update the name (such as , add middle name) I believe it will update when viewing shared details for the primary name


Thanks for your response Kevin – the only reason why I asked is that alternate names were visible when sharing a fact in RM7, and I use this quite frequently, so was hoping for the same functionality in RM8.

I’m not familiar with SQLite but I’m guessing from what you are saying that the tables are different between the two programs and hence visibility of alternate names might not be possible in RM8.

And yes, I’ve just checked in RM8 and when you update a name it does reflect immediately in the name that is displayed under the Shared Facts / Edit Witness page.

(And I’d love to learn SQLite as I think I’d understand more about the program and I understand you can do global changes too which would be such a time saver. But shiny, new and interesting family genealogy finds keep happening! There needs to be more than 24 hrs in a day!!) :blush:

It’s simply a matter of programming. The NameTable tables in the two versions are essentially identical.

Thanks Tom - I’ll pop this in as a feature request.