Locating all persons with duplicate names

Hello. My home screen tells me that I have 11 alternate names. I am aware that I can see this if looking at a particular individual, but with almost 18,000 people in my database I have no way of knowing who to look at. If the stats can tell me that these 11 records exist there must be a way to extract a list of them. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this?

I don’t think there is a way to find Alternate names from the RM8 user interface except by use of the human eyeball. There wasn’t a way in RM7, either. It’s trivial from SQLite if you have some programming skills.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I do not have programming skills - that is why I purchase software from those who do. :frowning:

You can search for an “AKA” name in the Advanced People search, conditions would be “exists” and “is True” I don’t see a field for the Alternate name, however, there is selection to show alternate name.

Hi @RememberThis - the Fact Type List report enables you to search by fact type “Alternate Name”
To print this report go to the Publish Icon > All Reports and Charts > Fact List then choose the Alternate Name option in the Fact Type field and ensure that the Include option has Everyone selected.
Hope this helps and you find those 11!



Thank you for your reply.

This worked! Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

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My database doesn’t have an AKA name. I can’t find Alternate name or any synonym to Alternate Name by which the Alternate Name can be search.

However, I was in error in saying that there was no way to find Alternate names in the RM user interface. When you go through printing from the Fact list, the Alternate Name does show up in the options. So that way does work. This was reported by JillV.

Perhaps you overlooked it in your fact list, but I agree JillV’s fact report is a much better option!

I rechecked and still do not find AKA in my Fact Type List. Is that a custom fact that you created?

No, I did not make a custom fact for this, but it may be related to TreeShare in Ancestry as my database was originally created through TreeShare.

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Aha! TreeShare is surely the way the AKA entered your database.

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