Alternate Name Missing in Custom Report

I would like to include both name and alternate name in a custom report I use to track DNA matches. I can print a fact report that shows both, but Alternate Name does not appear in the list of facts available in Custom Reports. Can anyone suggest a solution?

If not available in Custom Reports, the possible solutions are:

  1. Export a group of interest for import into some system that does support the report you want.
  2. Find a second report in RM that does list Alternate Names. Save it and your Custom Report to XLSX and come up with a way to marry them.
  3. Use SQLite to query your database to get what you want.

Thank you. SQL LIte amy be a solution for many of my questions. Is there a learning process that I should consider?

You just need to learn how to use a SQLite manager app to load and run already prepared scripts. To write your own queries, you’ll need to get an adequate understanding of relational databases and the SQL syntax for SQLite. The site suggests some things under the Learn item on the main menu but it does not offer training.