Multiple Primary Name "Facts"

After using Ancestry TreeShare in RM 8.1.8 in Windows, I have noticed multiple primary name entries that are created when importing data in Ancestry TreeShare. Since primary name entries are not “facts” I’ve not found a way to change several of these to Alternate Name Facts or even delete them.

Does someone know of a simple way to eliminate multiple Primary Name entries?

The only way I’ve found to correct the entry has been to create a “dummy” Alternate Name Fact, then click on the “primary” box to make the dummy name, the primary name. When I do that Rootsmagic changes all of the other primary name entries to Alternate Name Facts leaving the dummy name fact as the Primary Name entry. I then select the desired name in one of the Alternate Name entries and select the primary box. RootMagic then sets the primary name to the one I want and leaves all others as Alternate Names facts. I then delete the “Dummy” Alternate Name Fact. Sorry for the long explanation. See the example below of three primary name entries.


That’s really the only way to do it. Create or mark an Alternate Name currently listed as Primary. Then the two Primary names will become Alternate Names. From there you can select which alternate name you want to mark primary.

Thanks Renee for the clarification. Fortunately, this condition happens rarely.