Individual with two different primary names

I have one individual with two different Primary names - Charles Bruce Housum and Robert J. Fair. I can’t delete the incorrect primary name. I’m not entirely sure how this happened but here’s what I think the sequence was. Last night I was working Family window and clicked on the box to add a father. I entered the Charles Bruce Housum name and demographics, but when I clicked to go to whatever was the next field, the window disappeared and there was no name in the father box. I don’t remember what I did next. Today, I was working on someone else - Robert J. Fair and discovered that he was now also called Charles Bruce Housum. Is there any way to delete the incorrect name from Housum’s demographics or am I going to have to delete the individual and start entering the demographics all over again?

If you have an Alternate Name (add one if you do not), set it to Primary which should set the two Primaries to Alts. Delete the unwanted one and then set the wanted one to Primary. Delete any no longer wanted Alt.

Thanks. That fixed it. It took me awhile to spot the check box to make an alternate name the primary name, but clicking on that and saving allowed me to delete the other two names.

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