How do I remove duplicate Primary Names?

I have a few relatives that have morphed into several “Primary Names”. I’ve tried to merge them since I can’t change them to Alternate Names. I’ve tried to delete them “cannot delete a primary name”.
Is it possible to correct this? If yes, how is it done?
Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

RM8 does not allow you to delete a primary name. If you have more than one Primary Name for a person, you can simply create a new “dummy” alternate name fact and temporarily make it the primary name by checking the primary name box. When an alternate name is changed in RM8 to a primary name (by checking the primary box), all other names become “alternate names” after the fact is saved. Then you can simply check box for the correct primary name and save it. I know this seems like a work around, but it works. An enhancement would be for RM8 to create a new feature that would allow one to check a box in a name fact to designate it as a primary or alternate name.