Mergering people with same record

Okay masters… I am stumped.
Some of the people I go to merger (sometimes because I didn’t know I had them in my system) that I get two of the same people. However, I can’t merger due to the same duplicate and or primary being the same records.
How can I change something to merger them?
I accidently eliminated a whole big family when I tried to remove on of the name. Mess

When the two names have the same Record Number, there is only one person in the database. That’s why you cannot merge them. It’s possible that you are thinking that a person having an Alternate Name (a + symbol prefaces the name) is a different person but they are not.

Okay… thank you
But why would it show to people. I do notice at times that while the same number… the name could be different, like a middle name in one and not the other.

If they have the same number but different names, it is likely that you have used an Alternate Name fact. If this happens to you again, open the edit screen for one of the names and look at the list of facts. You will probably see one called Primary Name and one called Alternate Name, and those two facts will probably have the two name variations.

As a new user to RM, I too was confused by the double names. I thought it was stupid until I realized that is was genius. My move to RM from FTM has been confusing but I’ve researched every time i was stumped and this issue was great.

My biggest road block was trying to connect “potential” trees with my tree. The number one reason I couldn’t was because a name was different in the other tree. Example: Jean Joseph Xavier LeClair dit Bellerose. One tree would be Joseph Leclair and another tree would be Xavier Bellerose. Same person.

With RM, I can now add those alternate names and hopefully find some more connections.