Shared fact cannot choose role when sharing with multiple

When I share a fact and choose the option to share with just one person, RM9 allows me to choose the Role. By contrast, if I choose the “Share fact (multiple)” option it does not give me the option to choose the role. Rather it just inserts a role of Witness.

Here’s my use case. I create a Residence fact based on a census record. I want to share the fact with Dad, Mom and a bunch of kids. If I use the Share Multiple feature it automatically assigns a role of Witness, which is not meaningful. I created a role named “Family” that I want to use instead. The only way I have figured out how to make it work is to either share the fact one-by-one with each family member. Or when I use the Share Multiple feature, then I have to go back into each person one-by-one and change the role.

Am I missing something obvious here? If not, I’d suggest this an enhancement.

P.S. Yes, I sometimes use the “Residence (fam)” fact, but the problem remains the same if I want to share with the children.

Thant’s the way it is done.

The RootsMagic Explorer needs an update to improve usability.

I gave up on Share Fact (Multiple) a long time ago, but for a different reason. The reason I decided to stick with Share Fact one at a time is that I usually care which order I share the facts because I care about which order the people appear in reports.

The order I share the facts doesn’t affect the Role sentences in reports, but it does affect the original Fact sentence in reports. For example, what if you had a [Child] role for the Census fact and there were multiple children and if you included the [Child] role in the sentence for the Census fact? In this case, you might care about the order of the children in the sentence for the Census fact.

Another thing I do is to delete the Witness role from all the facts to which I assign any other roles. I never use the Witness role anyway. The Witness role makes absolutely no sense to me for any facts except for something like a Deed fact or a Will fact where there is a legal document that literally is “witnessed”. But “witnessing” a wedding or a funeral or a birth or a census makes no sense to me at all. I think you need much more specific names for the roles. But I don’t think deleting the Witness role would solve your problem. I think it would simply move the problem to whatever remaining role was first in the list of roles for the Census fact.

One of the irritating limitations of Shared Facts. Another being that there appears not to be an option to include them in Narrative Reports.

I just verified in all of my narrative reports that shared facts DO appear as seen here–all except her birth is a shared fact…
First Generation

  1. Sue Acorn was born in 1826 , in London England .
    She was the Step-Daughter of sissy doppler in 1827 in London England
    Sue lived in the residence of Mel Acorn at 8 Almond Way in Stepney Parish, Mile End Old Town Upper , Middlesex Co., England in 1840.
    She appeared in the household of Mel Acorn in the censusin 1841 at 100 Ashberry St in London England.
    She appeared in the household of Mel Acorn in the census in 1861 at 100 Ashberry St in London England.
    Sue was enumerated as Daughter in the household of Mel Acorn in the 2 April 1871 United Kingdom Census at 100 Ashberry St in London England
    She appeared in the census in the household of Mel Acorn and Yoyo Doppler in 1881 at 100 Ashberry St in London England.
    She was enumerated as daughter in the census in the household of Mel Acorn and Yoyo Doppler in 1891 at 100 Ashberry St in London England.

Do you perhaps have them marked as private and not aloowing private facts to be included???

Shared roles do appear in Narrative Reports just fine. However, you do have to define sentences for the roles.

I don’t think there is an option to exclude them!

Exclude them is what I meant to say! There is an option to Include/Exclude the more recent Association facts but not Shared facts which have been around in various iterations of RM for some time.

If you want to EXCLUDE the shared facts, you need to MARK them as PRIVATE under those people you don’t want the fact to show and then uncheck the box that says INCLUDE PRIVATE FACTS

It seems to me that if by “shared facts” you mean shared roles, then “shared facts” cannot be marked private.

The fact owning the roles can obviously be marked private for the original person owning the fact. Then the roles become private for the people with whom the roles have been shared. Such private roles can be excluded from RM’s reports. On the other hand, if you mark a role private for one of the people with whom the role has been shared, then the fact itself becomes private as do the roles for all the other people with whom the fact has been shared. In other words, the private indicator is all or nothing for the fact and all its shared roles. But private or not private is simply not an option for a single instance of a shared role.

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In RM8–Can anyone tell me when I view in Publish and/or print a person’s Descendant List why one of the descendant (child) and her family is not showing and/or printing? However she is showing in the correct place on the People page.

First - You should never jump on an unrelated topic to post a question. Start your own topic instead.

Second - I would first check the missing child to make sure she is linked correctly. If she is, is she by chance a stepchild to one of the parents? For example, if your descendant line is based on the male person and the daughter might belong to the wife and be from a different father…


First, my apology for jumping on this thread. I am new to the site and trying to learn. I will definitely try to avoid your thread.

Second, thank you for your advice and hope you have a nice day.

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