Edit Person, clicking number of shares for Role fact doesn't work

I think there is a bug in the Edit Person screen with respect to clicking the Share column for Role facts. Namely, it doesn’t work, and I think it should. By it doesn’t work, I mean that nothing happens at all when in clicking the Share column should edit the shared facts.

I made a little demo screencast of length 3:28 which may be found at Unable to click Shares for role facts

Renee just posted on the RM Facebook page that this issue has been reported. It happens only when the slide in workflow is not enabled and only when clicking on the Share column for roles on the Edit Person screen.

I am having trouble editing a role in a residence fact when shared. It will only allow “witness” as a role.

For example, on the mother’s profile, I have a “residence” fact that is shared with her son. RM assigns “witness” to his role and does not allow me to create my own label. Am I trying to make the change in the wrong screen?

BTW… I did enable the slide in workflow just in case.

This does not have anything to do with the slide in workflow except in the sense that you are using the slide in workflow to get to the sharing screen.

If you wish to use a role other than the built-in Witness role then you need to create the role. You create roles for facts in the Fact screen. You can get to the Fact screen from the THREE DOTS icon on any of the main Views under the People tab.

Thanks, Jerry! I just realized I had partially done that in RM7, so those new roles came over in RM8. I have been away from my project so long, I forgot I had to finish up those changes. Have my brain put back in now, so off I go!