Navigating the share list

When I enter a shared list, I click the “>” at the end of the person’s name. I get a Select Person Pop-up.
When I select a person, nothing happens! I would think it would open them up in the edit mode.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there an easy way to get to that person without searching for the people’s view?

Also is there a way to print/copy the share list.

Quote: “I get a Select Person Pop-up.When I select a person, nothing happens!”

RM9 v on Win11
When I follow through your procedure (with 3 people already selected as witnesses) the select person window allows me to select a fourth person who then replaces whichever of the first three is highlighted at that time.
Perhaps I’ve misunderstood your problem?
I cannot answer re printing the list.

Actually, something does happen. You are in a position in the program where you can switch from sharing the role with that person to sharing that role with a different person. But that apparently is all you can do. You cannot add a new person to be shared. You have to use the + icon to do that. And you cannot edit the person who is sharing the role. It just doesn’t work that way. Perhaps that could be a request for a future enhancement, but presently is doesn’t work that way.

Also, there is no way to print or copy the list of shared people and their roles.

I think it would be helpful if you could get to edit a person from a shared list, so a future enhancement it is.

Thank you, Jerry.

Confirming enhancement request has been reported to development. You can view the details, parents and spouses of the person the fact is shared with. Just follow the arrows next to their name. The RM Explorer will come up with the highlighted person’s details will be on the right.