Edit person from Shared list

When you select a person in a shared list, a “RootsMagic” Explorer" pop-up is displayed. Please add a “+” (Added new share) and an “Edit Person” option.

It would also be great if I could copy/paste the Shared List.

The add person request wouldn’t fit if you are already on another person’s shared link. Adding would have to come before opening the RootsMagic Explorer screen on that link. All you could do at that point is change which person the shared link is connected to. If you want to add a new shared link you don’t need to drill down so far. Just add them while on the list of all the people the fact is shared with. If you have multiple people you want to share with use the "Share fact (multiple) option.

The Edit Person option while inside RootsMagic Explorer, and copying the Shared List requests have been reported to development.