Sharable USB drive and a MAC

My wife has a relative that lives in Canada. He has a MAC computer. I didn’t know this until I had created a sharable flash drive and mailed to him. Once he received the flash drive he told me he could not access the program.
What does he need to do to be able to access and open the rootsmagic 10 program on his MAC?
Thanks in advance.

  1. wiki link to create. install both os versions. [wiki link](ShareableDrive - RootsMagic Wiki
  2. First format the flash drive in a format both mac and windows can use: ExFat.

Thanks so much. I will give it a shot.

Won’t work, MAC machines need a Sharable Drive created on a MAC. Windows machines cannot create the required MAC codes. Best bet is have him download a MAC copy of RM10 and use the Essentials version to open the database that you can send him. Databases are interchangeable but Sharable Drives are not. If you want to send him a USB Drive make sure it is formatted as ExFat which can be read both on a windows or MAC computer.