Can't get sharable flash drive to work

I just bought and installed version 10. I am trying to create a sharable flashdrive. I follow the instructions to the letter and when complete there are two files on the flashdrive: 1. Rootsmagic -10 file folder. 2. Launch rootsmagic 10 (windows) batch file.

In file #1 if I click the application file to open rootsmagic it does nothing. If I click file 2 it opens a doss window for a couple seconds and goes away.

What is going on here. It sure would be a lot easier if the old way way back where you just inserted a CD or flash drive, told the program to create and shamm, it was on the media and worked every time.

Haven’t tried in RM10 but in RM9 it was straight forward and worked

Make sure the desktop version of RM is not open at the same time you try to open the Shareable Drive.

Closed RM10 on computer and it works fine. Thanks.