Shareable USB Drive

I have created a shareable USB drive, but it comes up with the same restrictions as RootMagic Essentials. I am using a registered version of RootsMagic. How can I fix this.

This is the intention of the Shareable Drive. You can share it with others. It does not need a registration key. The database is not editable. Very different from RootsMagic To-Go that can go on a USB Drive. It will run in essential mode if no key is used to unlock it. It cannot be unlocked and given to others since the key is only for your use.

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So, if I give someone a shareable drive with a tree on it, I understand that they will not be able to edit it. However, will they have the ability to purchase RM and then be able to access and edit that tree, to make it their own?

Yes, if they boot your shared database up into RootsMagic Essentials and like what they see with the demo features… they can certainly buy a license (and get full functionality with the database).

By “boot”, you mean upload the tree into RM essentials? I figured that had to be the case, but wanted to make sure. Thanks for the reply!

“Start up” - Rootsmagic Essentials opening up the database file

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Delayed newbie question here again: Will the shareable USB with a tree on it be readable to someone with a PC if I download it from my MAC? If not, what is the best way to share a tree across platforms? I understand that the tree will be read only and not editable unless the user purchases a RM license. Thanks in advance!

As long as it’s disk Format is exFAT(more recent) or FAT32(older less-capacity PC format).
How to Format USB to exFAT on Mac [2023 Best Ways]- EaseUS

Thank you so much - very helpful!

No, the Shareable Drive and RM To-Go will only work on the operating system they were installed from. If you have a Mac it will only install the Mac version. You would need a Windows computer with RM installed on it to install them on the USB drive too. You can install from both computers onto the same USB Drive.

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