Searching for blank description fields

I’d like to find instances where the description field for a particular fact type is blank. When trying to use the advanced search feature, it does not include ‘description’ as one of the searchable fields for a fact type. One can search for a blank note field, but not a blank description field. I would hope that is an unintentional omission. Does anyone know a way around this limitation?

It’s called Value on the Advanced Search screen, not Description. It’s found in the same dropdown where Date, Place, etc. are found.

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Thanks, Jerry. Problem solved. I thought the field ‘value’ referred to the number of instances the fact occurred for each person.

There are places where the RM user interface is like Russian novels which are well known for using several different names for the same person, thereby confusing the reader no end. The RM user interface sometimes does the same thing with the names of various data elements, giving the same data element different names at different places in the user interface.

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Maybe we need a character list of the inconsistent names since it doesn’t seem like it will ever get fixed.

We could add in the table and column names as well.
Then the question is where to post it where it would be easily referenced.
I’ve been meaning to set up a website using GitHub. It’s free.

A RootsMagic Thesaurus? Could be:

  • a document or spreadsheet file stored on the Facebook Users Group but access is restricted and not collaborative.
  • such a file on someone’s Google Drive, shared with collaborating editors and public viewers. Available as long as account exists.
  • a ‘database’ on RootsMagic-Users on It’s free and publicly accessible. Collaborative. Just a table.
  • a page on only limited by WordPress capabilities. Could be the web-published version from Google Sheets… but site may not last beyond when I no longer pay hosting fees.
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Here’s the first edition of a work in progress-


Good start. Useful information.