TreeShare Tip: Syncing the “Description” field between Ancestry and RootsMagic

I’m using TreeShare to Sync a tree between Ancestry and RootsMagic 8. Some of the events on my Ancestry tree (specifically for “Marriage” and “Engagement” events in my case) had text in the “Description” fields on Ancestry. However, the descriptions were not showing up in RootsMagic for these events after syncing the Ancestry fields with RootsMagic. I found it interesting, however, that the descriptions from Ancestry were showing up on trees I in turn published to a web-based tree from RootsMagic using MyRootsMagic. So, I knew the descriptions were in fact in the RootsMagic database, but not visible on the “Edit Person” page.

I created a technical support ticket asking about this, to which I received a quick response pointing me to the excellent FAQ on using TreeShare and WebHints with Ancestry.

I was able to go into the “Marriage” and “Engagement” types in RootsMagic and enable “Use description field” and also edit the “role” associated with the type to display the “Description” for those two types in reports, as described in the FAQ. A quick way to get to the fact types screen is to enter the “Fact Types” command from the “Command Palette”. See the FAQ for details on how to make the changes.

The FAQ has a lot of other great information which I highly recommend to anyone using TreeShare. It’s located at: