Burial Fact fields

Any chance we can get an update that would allow us to use the date and description fields for the Burial Fact?

Burial fact

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My database already has these fields working - I did have description turned off but I tested it and it worked.

I must have gremlins. I just shut everything down and rebooted. The description field is now checked and it allowed me to check the Date field. And, I was finally able to get those fields to show up on a custom report. Yay!!

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You can always change the settings on any fact in the fact list, including the built-in facts such as Burial.

As far as the Burial fact itself, it defaults to Date - yes, Place - yes, and Description - no. So you do have to turn on the Description field if you wish to use that field. I don’t know how your Date field became turned off.

That was the problem. It was not allowing me to turn them on, so I thought they were disabled. After much messing around - and a reboot, it seems to be working properly now. Thanks for helping.