Missing Description Field in Edit Screen

While watching Bruce’s Webinar on Editing people I noticed that the Birth fact edit screen he was using had a Description field. My Birth fact screen does not. ??? Also find none in Marriage, Emigration, Naturalization. Not sure about others.

For RM8 use F2 to bring up the command palette and find Fact Type. Click open for your list of facts. Highlight the fact where you want description enabled and click Edit. In the left column click the box to “use description field.” If you want this field included in the sentence, you will need to adjust the sentence template seen on the right-hand side. Click the role, (principal is default) and click edit to add the field for description. See the Wiki pages for Sentence templates for help here.

All these wonderful hidden gems. Thanks alainemk.

I’ve been able to edit the fact type by opening the edit person screen, click on the > to the right of the fact type and that brings up the Fact types screen. Then click the fact type you’re on, then click edit. There you can check use description field.

I find this easier since I usually find it not there when I’m editing a person.

Thanks MaryB. I have been editing my Fact Type sentences this way, but was not aware that I had to select the “Use description field.” I also learned about the Command Palette, which I had also not explored as yet. A real eye-opener. :slightly_smiling_face: