Fact Sentence Templates

How do I create or edit a fact sentence template. I understand how to write the sentences, but how can I create one that applies to a fact type rather than having to add the sentence to each instance of that fact? And how do I edit one that is a default and have it apply to all facts of that type?

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After looking for a couple of hours, I posted this query. Then, as soon as I went back to RM8 I stumbled on the answer.

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Can you post what you found for those who may not have stumbled on to the answer like you did?

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Sure. From the main window, click on the artist palette in the upper bar. That will open a list of choices. Scroll down to “Fact Types” and click that. Another window will open with the facts listed on the left hand side and information about that fact on the right hand side. When you find the one you need to edit, click on that fact and click the edit button above the fact window. That will open another window where you can edit some things about the fact, such as name and options. On the right is a double window listing the roles, normally principal, but there could be others. Highlight the role for which you want to edit the fact sentence, then click the “Edit Role” button on the top of that window. One more window will appear that contains the fact sentence which can be edited. When you change the fact sentence this way, it applies to all instances of that fact type in the family file.

I used this to edit the residence fact because Ancestry makes all census files, along with a few others, show up as residence. I have hundreds in my family file and it would be much too time consuming to change each one to census. I moved the < [desc]> to the end of the sentence. That way when I print out a narrative report, it puts the marital status and and relationship to the head at the end of the sentence instead. The default for residence would make a sentence that said “she lived in Marital status: Married Relationship to Head: wife Houston, Harris County, Texas.” Now it says, "she lived in Houston, Harris County, Texas Marital status: Married Relationship to Head: wife. "