RM7: Where to edit:Marriage Fact: Value

I got a marriage fact with a value by an Ancestry hint.
This hint is shown in the person edit window at the marriage fact under details. It says:
"Er war sieben Jahre Witwer, weil er “kein ehrlich Mensch mit in Ruin zu bringen” wollte. Die finanzielle Situation des Mannes war sehr schlecht. Durch den Krieg gab es kaum Einnahmen. "

  1. This “detail” can be synced to my ancestry tree as “value”. In ancestry it is shown under the marriage and can even be edited in ancestry.
  2. I can’t find where this value is stored in RM7. As this value is very long, it is difficult or impossible to read the whole sentence in RM7.
  3. importing this RM7 file to RM8 the sentence is not shown in the RM8 person edit window., but when syncing the RM8 tree to ancestry this sentence is shown as existing in the RM8 file.

My question where can I edit this “value” in RM7 and RM8 ?

You need to edit the Fact Type. Enable “Description”. Look in RM7 Help and RM8 Wiki for instructions.


Most of RM’s fact types do not enable the Description field by default. I sometimes wish that all the Description fields were enabled by default. It’s difficult to see any problem that might occur by doing so. Nonetheless, you do need to enable the Description field for any fact type such as Marriage where there is data stored in the Description field and where the Description field is not enabled by default.

I’m about 99% sure that the otherwise invisible Description data has already been downloaded to your database. You just can’t see it on your screen. When you enable the Description field for the Marriage fact that the data should appear on your screen immediately thereafter. If not, then you will probably have to download the data again after enabling the Description field.

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TomH and thejerrybryan thankyou for hepl!

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