Description field performance

I wish the Description field window could expand like the Note window does. I would love to be able to see all the information I type in for a description in one window like the notes window. It’s annoying to have to scroll back and forth on the one line. It is easier to edit with the entire entry showing on the screen.

You may be unaware that the Description field has its origin in a GEDCOM specification that constrains the length of the field to the balance (or less) of one line of length 255 less that taken up by the tag name for the fact and the tag level number. So it might be 247 max but I think there was a lower constraint of 100 in the spec. RM does not have a hard limit on data entry (it didn’t last time I looked); it’s just hard to work a long string in it. However, there will be truncation on export and drag’n’drop.