Search Box for Sources Locks Up If I Stop Typing

Windows 10, RM, 64 bit

I think I can describe this one adequately without making a video. I was just now typing into the search box in the main Sources tab. I paused typing to look at the Source list based on how it was filtered so far. I then resumed typing to add more characters to further refine the search. It quit accepting characters.

To start with, it seemed like all of RM was locked up.But I discovered that I could switch to other main tabs without difficulty and I could return to the main Sources tab without difficulty. Upon returning to the main Sources tab, the cursor was no longer positioned in the search box. But upon clicking in the search box, I could resume typing to further refine the search.

Upon further review, I didn’t even need to switch to another tab to break things loose. All I had to do was to click in the search box for the current main tab and I could resume typing again.

Not all the main tabs have a search box. I discovered that some of the main tabs with search boxes have this problem and some do not. The ones with the problem are Places, Sources, and Tasks. The ones without the problem are People, Media, Addresses, and Publish.

The main People tab doesn’t have it’s own search box per se. Rather, the People List View, Couple List View, and Associations View have their own search boxes and the Pedigree View, Family View, and Descendant View do not. So when I say that the main People tab doesn’t have the problem, I mean that Pedigree View, Family View, and Descendant View do not have the problem.

It’s possible that this behavior is a feature. But it seems more likely to me that it’s a bug. That’s because the behavior is inconsistent between various main tabs. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to lock the keyboard when the user pauses typing for some of the main tabs and not for others.


Confirming issue has been reported to development. Appears to happen when focus moves to the results.

This is a big issue. I may have to revert to 9.1.4 as I rely heavily on search and the issue will slow me down.

I don’t understand Renee’s comment. The focus seems to stay in the search box as far as I can tell.

This issue also occurs on Mac and it appears as though the focus does switch to the search results panel when you pause typing and the sources get filtered. The cursor indicator in the search window stops blinking and if I hit the right arrow key, the focus switches to the Source Name field in the Edit Source window.

When the focus is actually in the search window, the right arrow key has no affect.