Find box closes after search

In any note:
Ctrl + F opens a “Find” box
Type a search term
Click OK
The search box closes.
I want the box to remain open so I can search further for the same word.

There is also no option to search forward or backward. Why not?

This is a feature that exists in RM7 but not in RM8.


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We have been told oh so many times that this is not RM7, it is a new program and we should not expect it to work the same as RM7

No need to state the obvious. I think the user knows that RM8 is not RM7. What the user wants is a feature that the user thought was useful in RM7, but is not in RM8, hence the feature request.

If I am not mistaken, @mapleleaf is a female! I am stating the obvious for a reason. That reason is because RM support staff in the Facebook group, was known to state that RM8 is NOT RM7 and therefore should not be expected to have everything work the same, or even have everything, that RM7 did/had!

I don’t use FB, but I believe the developers don’t mind feature requests here on the forum. If they don’t want them, then they can remove the feature request tag.

It has nothing to do with a request. The OP wanted something that worked like RM7. It wasn’t a request…hence my parroting of the RM party line. RM8 has a whole lot of problems in my opinion and a lot of stuff needs to work like RM7…unfortunately RM8 is not RM7 so I am not going to get my wish either.

The feature I’m asking for also works in LibreOffice, Word, Notepad, etc. One can search forward and backward without the search bar closing after it finds a match.

I already know that RM8 is a new program and shouldn’t be compared with RM7. But that type of reasoning is totally stupid. Can we move on to making RM8 better and usable?

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NO, ‘we’ can’t. It really doesn’t matter how many programs allow you to do something. RM has it own design decisions and to base you wants on something that used to be is quite pointless. Email support and express your displeasure and it stand a far better chance of being seen than fussing because a feature is missing as you have no idea what decisions lead to it being missing.

All that ‘we’ can do is stop using a program that doesn’t meet our needs.

Bruce or Renee don’t read these posts? I was able to choose “feature-request” as a tag when I made my first post. If they’re not reading anything here, they should let us all know so as not to waste my time and everyone else’s time.

In the meantime, I will continue using the feature-request tag.


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They have been and are so busy that @rzamor1 seems to have suspended confirming that something is on the endless enhancement request list. That’s not to say that she is or they are ignoring what gets posted here.

Here’s what Renee wrote to me:

Here is a list of the keyboard shortcuts for RM8. On the Note Editor use Ctrl+F and then F3 to Find Next. If you want to start at a certain point move the cursor to that location and F3 will continue from there.
Keyboard Shortcuts - RootsMagic Wiki

That doesn’t work for me. The box closes before I can hit F3. And when would I hit F3? I tried all possible scenarios.

She also noted that she reads all the posts and that using the tag “feature-request” is extremely helpful.


Thanks for confirming that Renee is looking at the “feature request” posts - that’s really reassuring and useful to know. :slight_smile:

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Finally, I was able to get Renee’s directions to work after she typed more details how to do it:

With the Edit Note panel open use the key combo Ctrl+F.
Enter the search term and click OK.
It should have a result highlighted in blue.
Now if you hit the F3 function key it will move to the next match.


Conventional Windows UI. Whadda ya know!

I guess that there must be another way that the Admins read these posts then. If you go to Users under the Menu options then you can see how many posts any User has read and you can change the time period for these statistics to “All Time”. It does not seem that the RM folks rack up any big numbers. I appreciate that they are busy responding to the Facebook posts.

It’s possible that posts are being read by email rather than here.

Highly unlikely, and probably the only reason you got a response was because @TomH tagged her so she got a notification.

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Highly unlikely, and probably the only reason you got a response was because @TomH tagged her so she got a notification.

How do we know Renee doesn’t have her account set up to get emails??? I have this setting and I get emails from the group without having to visit the forum.

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Do you get an email for every post to the Community?

You can’t admin the board via email, so she has to log in to do that.