RM9 Search Function - Enter key to initiate search

Everywhere on the net and in most programs, hitting the Enter key initiates the search. In the Search tool - that tab on the left side of the program - when you hit enter it just goes to the next box in the criteria list. Tab and arrow keys are normally for moving between boxes. Enter is normally used for initiating a function. Please make the Enter key initiate the find function rather than having to use the mouse.

Users coming from RM7 were used to incremental search where enter was not needed. This gives the feel of incremental search with additional benefits.

Renee. I’m not sure what you mean by incremental search. I opened RM7’s search function to try to understand what I might be missing. I’m still lost. The only thing it reminded me of is how cumbersome RM7’s search function was. RM8’s search function was a marked improvement, but neither RM8 or RM9’s Search function follows the usual web / computer convention that hitting enter initiates a function, such as FIND in this case.

In another post where you commented on my inquiry that the list populates itself automatically without hitting enter, someone pointed out that you were referring to the Index in the People View, which I discovered does indeed automatically update as you type [and may prove useful now that I know about it], but I have been talking about the Search function tab on the left side menu. Its starting position is the basic Person Search and that’s the one that needs to be fixed so that hitting Enter initiates the search. The Advanced Person Search works correctly. When you’ve clicked on the choices and typed in the word that you’re searching for, if you hit enter it finds the results for you. Web Search and Find Everywhere require mouseing up to the Find button. I’m less concerned with the latter two since I only infrequently use those - but person search - that’s frequent.

Incremental search was when you clicked on someone in the index and just began typing (without using a search box). It would move incrementally to that place in the index. In RM8 & 9 we put focus in the search box and they just begin typing and it will filter the list.

All the tabs/views on the Search page require clicking the Find button. The only one that has a search box is WebSearch.

I’ll have to try using the index now that I know how that works, something that’s been beneficial from the discussion.

In the Search tab, all of the choices - Person, Advanced, Web, and Find Everywhere would be improved if when you type the last thing you want to enter in one of the lines / boxes you hit Enter and it would initiate the Find function. The Advanced Person Search actually already does this correctly. When you type the data in the box(es) to the right, if you hit Enter on the last one you want to fill in, it is equivalent to clicking OK and it initiates the search. Amazon, eBay, Google - they all work this way. Type in what you’re looking for and hit Enter.

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