Saving Work in RM9 on a Mac

Is work done in my RM9 database automatically saved? How often? I can find no save button other than quitting the app at which point I’m asked if I want to backup. Sometimes I want to just save and not do a backup. Living in an area where power outages can be frequent, this is a concern to me

RM saves as it goes. It’s not based on a timer where it saves every 30 seconds or anything like that. And it doesn’t save anything while you are just thinking or are away from the computer, simply because some time has elapsed. Instead, everything is saved as soon as you enter it.

That’s why there is no Save or Save As. A Save or Save As operation saves an entire file. RM is just saving the things you changed.

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Look for a checkmark icon (upon adding/editing information blocks) as another save button

There are many places in RM where there is a checkmark icon that saves immediately whatever you have done most recently. But it’s never really necessary to use it. RM will save anyway even if you don’t use it. But the change may not be saved quite as soon. For example, if you have not used the checkmark icon while you are in the Edit Person screen, everything will be saved automatically anyway when you exit the Edit Person screen.

Change made in person edit screen is saved when the window is closed without using the checkmark. Previously I had lost changes if I did not click the checkmark icon.