RootsMagic on external hard drive

My C:\ drive on my laptop is almost full. Before deleting programs that I really don’t want to, I’m wondering if I can move some of my apps to an external hard drive. Is it possible to use and run my RootsMagic (currently using version 9.1.3) on an external hard drive connected to my laptop?

Don’t know the answer but how big is your C drive? Have you stored your files (docs, jpgs, etc) on the external?

222 GB. I only have 8.5 GB free space left. Yeah, I’ve moved all my photos and docs to the external hard drive.

Yes, as long as it is always connected/reconnected as the same drive letter, the program’s install directory path would be the same and even if You don’t reinstall to the external… you can still move all databases and associated folders to that external (by changing program settings to point to that drive’s folders).

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As kbens0n says you can. But you still need to see what is taking up so much C drive space.

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Make copies of apps installed on your C: drive ?
NO. don’t try unless you’re an expert.

What you want to do is find the installers for the apps that you want to delete, put them on your other drive, and then uninstall the app using the Settings/Control Panel.

Some installers have the ability to modify the install after the install is finished. That may include changing the install directory. But that more effort than I think you want.

I’m a photographer, and the large percentage of the C:\ drive is filled with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and other processing apps.

For versions of RootsMagic going back to at least Ver 6 on several versions of Windows systems and at least 3 generations of Windows, I have installed RM on the C: drive and all data files on a separate D: drive except for the backup folder. The backup folder is on the C: drive. I periodically backup all data to a removable solid state drive. I started with Family Origins Version 2 on a DOS machine with 3.5" & 5.25" floppies and an 80MB hard drive. Have never lost my database.

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Ah they are the culprits.

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250 GB drive really should mostly be used for program and application (not for pictures etc)
If you have never cleared the files Windows updates files left behind that might help. (as well as the recycle bin) Windows call this built in utility Disk Clean up – and 2nd option in the system files.

You may also want to remove Windows Updates Cleanup files left behind – but would need to understand the potential risk of doing so (I am not an IT professional so I can not advise)


You could run RM To-Go off the external. You would need to temporarily install RM on the C drive in order to create or update RM To-Go.

No matter where you install RM 9, with such a small amount of free space, you will have problems sooner or later, because a Windows update will often need more.

IMO, your best option would be to figure out whether you can delete all kinds of stock photos and other media that Adobe put on that C drive, or re-install that in such a way that it uses the external drive for such libraries.

I helped a friend with a similar problem a few months ago, and told him that if he really likes those Adobe tools, he will have to make a choice, and put his other programs and data on another laptop, or get a bigger drive, because otherwise disk space problems will haunt him forever.

a 250 GB drive is ridiculously small and you must have a very old pc. Media files quickly accumulate in size and you should keep 20% drive space empty for system needs. Windows computers are dirt cheap (and priced appropriately)–just get a new one with a 1TB drive.

I’ve come to realize that you are right, Rooty. Thanks for the advice. And thanks to everyone’s input. It is greatly appreciated.