Roots Magic 8 64Bit Version

Could someone please post me a link to a 64bit Version of Roots Magic. I have looked most places but can only see a link for a 32bit Version.
Thank you

RM8 is only available as 32bit.

RM9 64bit is here, RM9 32 bit is at the same location.


Thank you Bob. Much appreciated.

How would a windows user know which version is currently installed on their system?

…by looking where the rootsmagic.exe file is located. It will be in a sub-folder named RootsMagic either in:
64-bit: C:\Program Files\
32-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\

If you want to go one step further, open task manager while RM is running, open the Details tab and add architecture to the displayed columns. You’ll see this for the 64bit edition


Thanks Richard – that actually was what I was looking for.
On my windows version called “Platform”. However, Tom’s answer would also be of help.