32 or 64bit download?

I have WIN11, 64bit… but the instructions for downloading RM9 indicate I ‘should’ use the 32bit unless I need the 64bit version.

My question seems simple enough: “Why?”

I understand 32bit generally accesses only 4MB (?) internal memory, but the 64bit accesses more?

Use the 64 bit for your OS which is 64 bit. 32 bit is passe unless you are stuck using it.

Windows 11 doesn’t have a 32-bit version, so it really doesn’t matter.

Thanks Rooty and kfunk for confirming my pre-disposition.
I have no ‘legacy’ files to play with-- the reason given for using the 32bit.

Does anybody know the answer to this? If I install the 64bit version in WIN10, then create a portable version from it into my pen-drive, will the program work if I insert the pen-drive into a 32bit WIN10 machine?

As I wasn’t sure I originally installed the 32bit version, then made the pen-drive, then uninstalled the 32bit and installed a 64bit version. If I want to make another pen-drive version I guess I could just copy the files from the first pen-drive onto it and then enter my password when prompted, but I just wondered!

I take my pen-drive to a research centre and they have various PC’s with WIN10 - not sure if they are 32bit or 64bit.



If the research center has only 32 bit Windows, the 64 bit RootsMagic would not work on it. If they have a VERY old computer, it may have a 32 bit operating system on it, but they likely have a 64 bit OS because 64 bit has been around so many years (since about 2005). Windows 10 is the last Windows to offer a 32 bit OS.

According to the historical chart on Passmark Software’s site: PassMark Software - Hardware Survey - Windows OS Marketshare , less than 20% of Windows installations were 32 bit in 2012 and less than 2% in 2020.

So although you don’t actually say so I am guessing that if I have a 64bit OS with 64bot RM9 then the pen-drive will also have a 64bit version?


I have done some testing and the results are if you have the 64bit version of RM9 on your computer and use RootsMagic-to-go to create a portable version on a memory stick it will install a 64bit version on that stick. You will need to install a 32bit version on your computer to use the same process to make a 32bit version on your memory stick (which is what you will need if you don’t know whether the computer you are going to use with the memory stick is 32 or 64 bit).

I did try running the 32bit version from the memory stick and asking it to upgrade. I wish I hadn’t as it installed the 32bit version onto my laptop (instead of the memory stick) and it was there as well as the 64bit version! I uninstalled them bot and re-installed the 64bit version. All is well.