RM9 - Missing Surname or Given name Error

Just downloaded RM9 and it really looks good… But I have a problem. When my RM8 data base was converted to RM9, about half of my people have “Missing Surname” and/or “Missing Given Name” errors. Is there a way to get rid of these errors as a whole or am I going to have to go through over 3000 records to get rid of these errors individually? Thanks for any help

This has been brought up several times already and the reason for it is that RM9 added a new problem check for names. This problem check has caught a lot of people by surprise because when they enter things like Alt Names, the quite often only entered the alternate name that was different and they did not enter the other name. For example, Thomas Smith may have been a persons name and later an alt name was enter for Tommy, excluding the Smith.

So you have two options, either fix the messy data entry errors or turn off that problem check.

See Renee’s response to this question here: Problem report Surnames

Man! Thanks so much for the help! I think I’ve got under control now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having this issue also – but I’m a new user. Kfunk, can you help me understand how to fix the messy data entry? I open up the person and look for errors but I don’t see any in the list – only on the tree name with a red !.

I apologize for asking such a newbie question! But I want to do it right!

I tried the solution posted here but it didn’t work. When I close my data file and reopen it the errors return… I’m just deleting the errors as I get them on each name. Don’t know if that’s going to work but I’m trying.

In update 9.0.2 we split the Missing surname and given names into primary and alternate names. There are four Problem options now. You can turn them off by going to Settings, General Settings, Problem Options. That will control the problem alerts you are seeing on the main views. You can turn them on when you want to find specific issues. Some of them may not be issues, like you really don’t want to add a surname to a person. You don’t need to mark them Not a Problem unless you want to. It may just be easier to turn off the alert. As before make sure to highlight each name to view the fields the given and surnames are entered on. That will help you find what is missing.