New Error-- what does this mean?

So here is what I was doing— had a whole bunch of alternate names at the very beginning of an index-- Because I guess of manual merging-- anyway most of the alternate names were the same as the primary-- it was just that the last name was recorded under given name–so I was going thru and deleting the one I could, updating other ones and putting the last name in the correct field if I wanted to keep it…

well at abt 670 clicks, when I clicked on Golden Shamblin to go to his edit screen-- this message popped up-- 1st time I’ve seen this
Windows 11 64 bit RM syncing to a cloud service

I too got this error a few times over the last few days almost always ending up with the program shutting down after opening terminal, and me losing any work that had not been saved before it happened. I assumed that maybe it was due to me running 4 or more ancestral programs and multiple sites at once as I’ve been comparing/merging databases between them all to weed out the facts that don’t have multiple sources through government agencies on the multiple programs. I have found huge amounts of profiles placed yet not correctly listed in family tree databases either by mistake or done in attempts to claim lineages for multiple purposes but a majority has been to obtain DAR registrations going back generations. Needless to say I’ve been getting cursed out for deleting those profiles as they create impossible to work through loops and brickwalls.

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Confirming this has been reported to development. It does take hundreds if not thousands of clicks to make it happen.