RM9 deletes the wrong source from FSFT

For those who don’t know it, the major Italian website with free access to vital record images changed the website format and the URL to each image. For example, if you try the old link http://dl.antenati.san.beniculturali.it/v/Archivio+di+Stato+di+Salerno/Stato+civile+italiano/Castelcivita/Nati/1886/830/101279407_00016.jpg.html it redirects to the new link https://antenati.cultura.gov.it/ark:/12657/an_ua246292/0AgeDyz

When I work on a person I change the source by installing a new source with the new URL and then deleting the old source with the old URL, and also replacing the name of the source to something more meaningful to the person who is checking documentation of the event.

However, I upload the new source, and when I click the old source and tell FSFT to delete it, it instead deletes the new source I just added. Luckily this is not a loss because I can simply add the new source but it does it again. The work-around is to delete the old source first and then install the new source, but it is very bad if RootsMagic and FSFT work in such a way that the wrong source gets deleted.

I can’t seem to reproduce it deleting the wrong source on FamilySearch.