URLs are not being tranfered to FamilySearch correctly

When I transfer a source from RM8 to FamilySearch, the URL is not copying correctly.
The URL I have in RM is
“https:///www.ancestrylibrary.com/imageviewer/collections/61056/images/PAR298_1_R1_4_005” but the URL that shows in FamilySearch is

I have run all the database tools and still the same issue.
Has anyone else seen this problem?

After creating a new database with 1 record, 1 source, and 1Citation.
I discovered that the “WEB PAGE URL” in the FamilySearch source record is transferred from the first URL in the field “Source Webtags”, under the “Master Source text, media, etc” of the Source Record.

Silly Me! I thought it would have been the URL from the Citation.