Updating Sources (from an old shared file)

Long ago, I uploaded a database file to RM7 from a family member. Now, with RM8, I can see how lacking some of the citations are. All of my master sources have translated to Free Form sources with limited information and no named citations. I plan to verify the sources, and make proper entries to my master sources and figure out how to properly add citations. Still… I am new at this.

I do not keep an online family tree, preferring to have my RM8 offline, but I do use online sources to view databases.

So, here is my question: If I am using an online source like Ancestry to access something like a US Directory, is my Master Source “Ancestral File, online database” or “Directories (City or Counties) (databases online)” Or even "Directories (City or Counties) (images online)?

Here is the source information of something I just looked up in a city directory:
“Source Information
Ancestry.com. U.S., City Directories, 1822-1995 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2011.”

As an example, how would you Master Source that?

The answer would lead to hints on so many other citations I need to expand.

I am a long time RM user. But, we are all new to RM8 and quite frankly I do NOT like the way RM8 converts RM7 database sources. That being said, for your example what I do is the following. The Master source would be Public Records, or something similar. The Citation would include the persons name that you are tagging and a reference to the record…like John Word’s address in Public Records. For “Access” I note Ancestry.com and a date. I also Like to copy the indexed record and paste it into the source somewhere as a note, so that in the future I can see that part of the record.
I hope this helps and works well for you in RM8.

Very helpful advice. Thanks!