Deleting RM Sources from FamilySearch connection screens

Hello, I am trying to rationalise a load of RM people, specifically in order to replace Ancestry sources wherever I can with FamilySearch ones. I can pull the FS sources across to RM, that’s fine, but I can’t see how to delete the unwanted RM sources without swapping tabs, editing the RM person, and deleting each individual tagged entry, which is a major pain. Am I missing something please?

There isn’t an option to delete facts, sources or people on the RM side while using the FamilySearch Person Tools. You need to open the Edit Person screen to do that.

Many thanks. Is there any way I can have the main RM screen and the FS interface one open at the same time? That would help a lot.

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Once the FamilySearch Person Tools screen is opened they become Modal. So you cannot go back to the main page or Edit Person screens that were already opened. You would need to open the Edit Person screen from the buttons on the FamilySearch Person Tools, Share Data, or Ordinances tabs.

OK thanks, but is there no way of deleting a source once and for all from a person, rather than tag by tag?

On the Citation Used list you can delete its usage in other locations. Just drill down to that level on the Edit Person screen. Citation Used is right above the Quality section on the Edit Citation panel.

That’s great thanks.